Monday, September 14, 2009

Congrats to Brian & Christine!!!

Congrats to Brian & Christine, the newly weds!

pics shamelessly stolen from Drew cause he takes awesome pictures

Wow what a weekend, lots of memories and moments at Brian & Christine's ceremony/reception.  Dodging bullets/sloppy/cougars, emotional times during the exchange of vows, watching Mrs. Vaeth and the older folks doing the superman that ho to Souljah Boy, open bar obliteration, beer bottle accidently flying  high into the sky from the team Bundy cheer, everyone doing the robot to Salt & Pepa's Push It, eating lots of great food, sex sandwich on the dance floor, Bobby the best man getting hype on Kriss Kross' Jump & hitting the chandelier getting hot wax on his neck and back screaming but still jumping in joy, Marcus actually drinking some alcohol (his krytonite) 

Rojo eating a lot of bite sized corn dogs in the corner while everyone is partying, him promising to get us pizza but ended passing out when we were looking for him a hour later, Drew passing out on the table only to be back up again in full effect dance mode from the hip hop tracks, arriving at club slide which is next to Ruby Skye and going down the slide, Bobby room hoppin in the hotel with nothing but his boxer briefs on, everyone drinking till who knows when including some girls who drank some vodka once they woke up in the morning, I got slopped on pretty bad ( Lynn I blame you!), crawling to the room & passing out with a towel as a blanket.

good times

I gotta give it to Brian & Christine for choosing a awesome track list, a lot of balance where everyone had a great time dancing.

Alright got more mixes for download but before that check this out:

Holy bears pimped out smoking cigars, batman! Look at this, seriously I mean look at this beautiful album cover.  You cannot help but stare in awe at its sheer intimidation & awesomeness factor, but as a matter of fact its not awesome, its!  Just look at those bear bodyguards, this is serious business, I dare not mess with this magnificent guy.  This right here folks is the new hype shit!

Bow chicka wowow got 2 mini mixes for download, first mix consists of nu skool breaks and 2nd more towards house, each around 30 mins.  Enjoy and get your groove on!