Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Hallo-wiener

Ladies and gentlemen, boys & girls, ghouls and goblins, Speaker Humpers are back at it again with some fresh new mixes to get your halloween weekend rockin.  Download links available after the jump.

So what are everyone's plans for halloween?  What are you gonna be dressing up as?  Whatever it is make it a good one!  Don't forget about daylight savings this sunday 11/01/09 at 2:00am for that extra hour.


Sup? you haz cheezburger?

Greetings traveler, I come from a far distant galaxy and am here to take over the world!


I'm with the DJ.mp3 - Mixed by Homebody (Earl)

Alex's mix.mp3 - A mix by Alex featuring his own track that he produced as the last song

Spooktacular.mp3 - A mix of Halloween themed songs & remixes by Donsta