Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another internet meme is born

I was picking up stuff today at work with my co-worker and he asks me if I've seen the Kanye West & Taylor Swift incident on the Mtv Vma's that aired this past sunday.  He wanted my opinion on if Kanye had planned that publicity stunt or if he was just being rude...I really doubt it was a planned publicity stunt.  I think Taylor is talented but Kayne had no right to interrupt her.

Here's the clip if you didn't get a chance to watch it yet:

Kanye doesn't stop there, he even interrupts Obama's Speech

Thats not all Hitler is enraged at Kanye's douchebaggery

And thus another internet meme is born

Of course I had to partake on the tomfoolery

So in tribute to this meme 2 more mixes are available for download

15minimix.mp3 - 15 minute mini mix of Electronica & Indie-dance

Get off your boots.mp3 - 30 minute Fidget house mini mix including remixes of U2's Get On Your Boots and Depeche Mode's Strange Love

Kanye steals KFC from Taylor, thats what he wanted all along