Monday, August 31, 2009

M-M-M-Monster Roll!

We just got back from Earl's 30th bday celebration in Vegas and it was a blast.


We got upgraded to a suite for free!  Within 30 mins of gambling in the casino, Donsta came up with this

Lucky guy!  We also had lots of good food, you can read Donsta's yelp review for Sushi on Rainbow

Donsta & Alex bewildered by such a beastly display they call the monster roll

Earl going for the big kahuna!

We got a bottle of Patron for the bday boy and Alex is already drunk, drinking his sorrows away due to his loss of the food eating champion belt.  Hey chief the bday boy is suppose to be the one that gets trashed!  Of all places and time, Earl randomly bumps into his dad at a casino on the day of his bday, crazy!  We were gonna check out some clubs later that night, unfortunately we did not get to see Joey Mazzola spin but we will be looking forward to it next time!

Alright we got some new mixes for you awesomely awesome folks, check after the jump for links to the mixes.  They are about 1 hour each, remember to burn them on cds & play them on a good sound system for maximum speaker humpin!

First up we got Earl's mix.  This is some sexy funky stuff that will make you want to rip your clothes off and groove to the music.  Funky & Jackin house that is perfect for those beautiful afternoons and feel good nights.
Mixed by Earl - Fuzzy Jack.mp3

Next we got Donsta's mix.  Throwing down basslines so phat, it will make you want to go on a diet and hump to that speaker.  This fidget house mix is great for those get wild hyphy nights, including remixes of Chaka Khan - Feel For You, Notorious B.I.G - Hypnotize & P Diddy - Bad Boy For Life
Mixed by Donsta - Da Crunk Mix.mp3

Alex's mix coming soon